Lift Off

Episode 1 · October 26th, 2017 · 1 hr 29 mins

About this Episode

The True First episode of Great Lakes Gaming. Join Dan Allen, Nick Cartier, Trey Graunstadt, and Kyle Melville as they discuss, what was at the time, the most recent Nintendo Direct from Sept 13th. However, not before they take some time to discuss what games they've enjoyed playing this week Old and New. We've got a hardy rendition of It's Gotta Be the Shoes, cloning glitches, and the first ever THE-CLOSER features a cattle rancher named Genni. Time Stamps below for your convenience. The team at GLG and the whole Lit Mit Family sincerely hope you enjoy.

Time Stamps
-This Week In Gaming 1:10

Nintendo Direct
-Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon 13:30
-Kirby Battle Royale/Mario Party Top 100 24:00
-Retro Arcade Archive 26:00
-Golf Story 28:40
-Morphies Law 34:00
-Xenoblade Chronicles 2 36:05
-Bethesda 39:30
-Mario+Rabbids 47:35
-Dragon Quest Builders 48:50
-Project Octopath Traveler 52:13 DEMO SPOILERS
-Super Mario Odyssey 58:00

-It's Gotta Be The Shoes: 1:04:25

-Left Alive 1:15:30

-THE-CLOSER: Last Gen Genni 1:16:50

-Make It A Great Day or Not, The Choice is Yours.

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